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Talent Yarn


Innovative technology: Use our special technology to combine natural mineral elements in liquid metal to have long-lasting functions.


Eco-friendly concept: Use non water-soluble anti-bacteria method to make our environment better.


Problem solution: Use“Zndop”which puts Zinc into fibers to have the functions and to stop having superbugs in our environment.


Multiple functions: There are several functions, such as anti-odor, anti-bacteria, anti-mildew, anti-UV, far infrared ray, warm in winter and cool in summer.




Anti-odor: 80% ammonia disappears in the test; Anti-bacteria:

AATCC-147; China GB

UV-Cut, Keep warm: The temperature rises under lamp Anti-static


Healthy constant temperature (including the healthy elements like zinc, germanium and copper)

We add some material with high water content and we also add Zinc Oxide in special proportion. Therefore, people feel like they active in a constant temperature environment.


It will have no bacteria to interrupt and the smells caused by the sweats and the microbes.